Monday, January 3, 2011

Miracles Under Construction

We’ve been working hard to launch She Shall, Inc. but the magic has been taking a little longer than we originally anticipated. Turns out, conjuring up greatness figures to take time and so we have opted not to rush the process. This is ironically fitting for what most of you are likely going through in your own lives with the rush of the holidays still looming largely in your rearview mirrors.

As winter is picking up steam here on the East Coast, many of you are probably losing gusto and feeling a little burnt out so we felt it was important to pop in and let you know we’ll be fully operational soon. Until then, know that your New Year’s Resolutions should be inspiring you to do more, be better and lead the authentic life you were designed to create. Stay away from unrealistic demands and avoid piling on the unnecessary pressure because life will manage to do enough of that for all of us on its own.

If you’re having trouble getting started, grab your journal and give these few tips a try:

1. Take a few minutes to remember all the wonderful things that happened to you in 2010. If you focus on feelings of gratitude, you’re more likely to usher in more of it in the coming year.

2. Despite the trials and failures, find five things that rocked your world (for the better) and write them down. Don’t forget to give thanks!

3. Our plans for a new year can sometimes overwhelm us so it’s always best to break it down into segments (i.e. Love, Health, Career, Spirituality) and focus on the top 3-5 categories.

4. Now write down everything you want to happen in each category. Don’t hold back or worry about “how” things will get done…just allow yourself a few uninterrupted moments of creative dreaming.

5. Rank the categories in order of importance and begin with the highest priority. Usher in Spirit and ask for help in cultivating happiness in this area. Now start to make a plan that aligns more with your authentic needs as opposed to your aesthetic wants.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

She Light

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” ~ Edith Wharton

You’ve probably heard it said that happiness is a choice. However, if you aren’t completely sure what truly makes you happy… even the most well-meaning “choices” will produce empty results. Surely, we all make a plethora of decisions every single day. Some may be material, some physical, some are even superficial – and we press on with the options being forced upon us by others. The way we wear our hair, the trends we become enslaved to, or even the people we associate are only gateways to the real meaningful questions that we will explore here.

If it’s true that, “the choices we make dictate the life we lead” perhaps it is the very questions we ask that hold the key to happiness. When we start asking Spirit to turn on the Light… we find that we become the Light itself. It is in this seeking that the very mystery of authenticity is slowly revealed because we no longer allow others to dictate neither the choices nor the options we will allow.

Whether you aspire to be the candle or the mirror reflecting it…your mission, your purpose and your contribution remain integral to the spreading of the Light. She SHALL was created so we can all take the journey together….we hope you enjoy the ride!